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North County Leaders Voice Concerns After Migrant Boat Comes Ashore

Some North County leaders are raising concerns after a viral video taken over the weekend shows a boat with migrants barreling towards Carlsbad. The video, taken by a Carlsbad man, later shows a group of migrants jumping out to the shore.

Leaders held a news conference along the beach Monday and demanded more support from the state and federal government to prevent and control similar incidents.

“To see it live like that. I mean, even police and border patrol said they never caught it live like I did,” the man who recorded the video told reporting partner 10News “So to see one coming toward the shore at 40, 45 miles an hour and not turning, it was like a movie...and the lifeguards were sitting right there, so I thought it was a planned, staged event.” The man said he saw the migrants jump out and run to some nearby stairs. "I counted 22 people jumping off. It looked like a military exercise,” the man said. “One car, one SUV, and then ten got in it, but they left the rest behind, and they [migrants] just started walking towards Carlsbad.”

WATCH: News Conference with San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond.

(Photo 10News)

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