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New Report: San Diego Mayor Fined $10,500

According to a report by the San Diego Union Tribune, Mayor Todd Gloria acknowledged in a public filing last week that he repeatedly violated a law by not reporting a series of contributions made to charities by outside donors at his behest.

The UT's Jeff McDonald reports, that according to the San Diego Ethics Commission, Gloria failed to properly report 10 separate contributions he solicited from private contributors — many of whom donated to For All of Us, the charity he helped set up in early 2021 to support his favored causes. The report says Mayor Gloria agreed to pay a $10,500 fine to resolve the case.

According to the report, the ethics investigation was opened shortly after The San Diego Union-Tribune asked the mayor’s office about tens of thousands of dollars Gloria raised and spent on behalf of For All of Us, the tax-exempt entity named after his 2020 campaign slogan.

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