And The Winner Is.... Oops!


Leave it to Bonnie and Clyde to end the Oscars with a bang! The stars of the iconic film, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, celebrated the 50th anniversary of their classic film by presenting the top award of the night -- Best Picture.

Well, something went terribly wrong. Beatty was handed the envelope for Lead Actress in a Motion Picture, which had already been given to Emma Stone for La La Land. When Beatty opened the envelope he looked confused and showed it to Dunaway, who shouted "La La Land"!!!  

Problem was -- La La Land didn't win Best Picture! Moonlight did! So as the cast and producers of La La Land were giving speeches and basking in the spotlight, the rug was suddenly ripped out from under them. A stagehand rushed out and gave Beatty the correct envelope.

To his credit, one of the producers of La La Land told the crowd they didn't win and invited the cast of Moonlight to come up on stage and accept their award.

I've posted the entire video above, courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter. Did you watch this happen? Could you have remained this cool under pressure? Will Beatty and Dunaway be asked back? Ha.

And by the way, click HERE for a great article from USA Today about how it all went down.

Photo: Wikicommons

Ted Garcia

Ted Garcia

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