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Even Don Lemon Is Asking Whether Joe Biden Is Up to the Job

CLAY: So yesterday we talked quite a bit about the biggest story coming out of the weekend which wasn’t actually the Jan 6 hearings. It was suddenly Democrats are speaking aloud what we’ve been talking about on this show for a year now, which is Biden’s incompetence and whether it is possible for him to run for reelection in 2024. Not even based necessarily on the incompetence but based on the growing levels of failures when it comes to media availabilities.

Based on all the disasters that are going on around him — and whether at 82 years old he would be capable even physically of being president all the way up to 86. Now, I think Buck and I and certainly a huge percentage of you are right in that Biden isn’t physically up to the job right now. But what’s unique is suddenly, after a year, Buck, where we were told, “oh, how dare you question the mental faculties of Joe Biden!”

Despite the fact, by the way, that they would have Robert De Niro on CNN to talk about his belief that Donald Trump wasn’t mentally worthy of being president. They talked about the 25th Amendment all the time, still talk about it in relation to January 6th. Don Lemon — Don Lemon! — actually asked the worst White House press secretary of all time, Karine Jean-Pierre last night on CNN: Is Biden up to the job in terms of being able to run for reelection in 2024?

BUCK: It is absolutely a question that we not only should be asking, we all know the answer to it already. But really for Don Lemon to ask it is just getting it on the record. It’s, at some level I think, requiring — or the White House must think that we are all, we, the American people, really dumb. You know, Joe Biden said — if you remember this — that Hunter Biden was the smartest person he had ever met.

They were asking, “Why are they paying your son $80,000 a month for being on the board of a Ukrainian gas company?” (Biden impression) “Oh, he’s the smartest person I’ve ever met.” Yeah, sure. We’re all really dumb. We all believe that. And with Karine Jean-Pierre talking about how Biden has more energy than everybody else, I mean, he’s visibly confused sometimes in his role as the president. He’s shuffling around like…

Again, I hate that they put us in this position where we’re talking about a guy, ’cause we’re all — hopefully, God willing all — gonna live to our eighties or nineties. But he’s the president, he’s the commander-in-chief, and this is having a real impact on a lot of people’s lives that you have somebody who is… He was never impressive. I mean, he was never somebody of special cognitive ability. Biden was always kind of a jackass, but now he’s too old, even, even if he had been previously someone who was really erudite, someone who really had a lot of acumen. No! No. Not good.

CLAY: Here’s the way I would put it: We have 50 people working at OutKick-ish now. It’s been purchased by Fox. We don’t have a single job at my media company that I sold to Fox that Joe Biden could do. Not one. And, Buck, if Joe Biden said… Like let’s say we’re out on you vacation, you and I, and we said, “Hey, you know what? We’ll let Joe Biden sit in and do one three-hour Joe, Clay and Buck.”

Now, look, I’m not claiming that people would be like ecstatic about that, but I’m saying, “Hey, we give him a three-hour window. He has to sit down just like you and I do in front of the mic and talk for three hours, make cogent arguments, have audio clips that he wants to play to make the case.” Buck, it would be an unmitigated disaster. Joe Biden right now could not do our job.

And if you were out there listening to Joe Biden talk on the radio for three hours, just one day, you would think to yourself, “Oh, my goodness. What in the world is going on that this guy’s the leader of the Free World?” And we’re talking about gas prices? Is there a single person out there that believes Joe Biden could run a gas station anywhere in America right now? He’s trying to solve gas prices for the entire country. Would he be capable of working at any gas station in America? I think the answer is no.

BUCK: And it’s also insulting to our intelligence, on the one hand they act like… By the way, gas price today hit an all-time high. All-time high, today.

CLAY: Unfortunately, every day… The next 60 days I feel like it’s gonna get higher.

BUCK: We’re at — as I speak to you right now all across the country the price of gas is the highest on average it has ever been in the history of the republic, and they want you to believe that this isn’t anything having to do with their policies, but they do want us all to transition to green energy. They are losing the Defense Production Act for solar panels. Here is former secretary of state Mike Pompeo saying, let’s get real here, folks.

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BUCK: It’s also price based as well for products that people buy: 50% petroleum goes into stuff you are buying.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: Which means that there’s — and also that milk you’re buying that’s more expensive? Look, granted, I drink some fancy milk sometimes but it’s still milk, right? It’s actual cow milk. I saw something at Whole Foods. It was milk. I think it was a gallon, but it was $13.

CLAY: The only place, by the way, that I shop is Costco and Amazon. So I am not very cognizant of what stuff costs in general except for gas. And every time I pull into a gas station to fill up, I think, “Man, this guy is a disaster,” and I’m fortunate enough… Look, there were a lots of times I wasn’t where you don’t have to think, “Oh, I’m not gonna be able to do this,” because of what I just had to fill up my gas tank to do. It’s summer.

There are a lot of people out there thinking I’d like to take my kid to see this new Jurassic Park movie, or I’d like to take my kid to the water park or wherever else or just take my family out for dinner. The consequences of high gas prices take away from a lot of people their ability to do the fun things in life. Buck, my grandma used to work, and she said my grandfather worked to live, and she worked to make life worth living.

And there are a lot of people out there in that world, right, where you’re grinding as hard as you can — we know we got a lot of people out there listening to us — and not only you but your wife is working as hard as you can, and it’s not making life worth living because of what inflation and Joe Biden has meant to your paycheck. I can feel it. I know the American public can feel it.

BUCK: It feels like there are a lot of people in charge right now who have not had that feeling maybe ever — I think in a lot of cases, ever — depending on who we’re talking about. But, you know, “I’m the gonna buy the steak tonight. I’m gonna get the frozen ground turkey because I gotta watch my budget.”

CLAY: Yeah. That’s right.

BUCK: They’ve never had that experience of going to the ATM machine and realizing, “I’m basically out of money.” As an adult, I’ve had that experience where —

CLAY: That’s not a good feeling.

BUCK: — I’m worth like a couple of hundreds of dollars on paper. It’s not a good feeling. It’s not easy.

CLAY: That’s not a good feeling at all where you get there and you’re, like, “Man I’m gonna…” I can barely even cover the withdrawal fees, right now when I’m trying to take out some cash and I talked about just a couple weeks ago — and I don’t know who it was, but right in front of me the person had bought one a gallon right? It was when gallon of gas was $4.50, and that’s where people are right now.

BUCK: This is why when Biden goes and gives this speech to AFL-CIO and the whole, “I care so much about the unions.” If you’re an electrician, if you’re a trucker, if you’re a carpenter, a tradesman of some kind — you’re people that are working long hours for not a lot of money — and you’re hearing this stuff from Biden, keep in mind the anxiety that you’re describing that people feel when they can’t do the fun things.

Not going out to dinner or not getting the food that they necessarily want because they’re going with less expensive stuff. I also hate when Bill Gates and all of them say, “Oh, you don’t need hamburgers. Eat lentils!” You hear this from the elites a lot. Biden and the people in charge right now say it without saying it that clearly: The pain that those folks are feeling all across America?

The anxiety they feel is a necessary price to pay for saving the planet from climate change. Exactly what Pompeo was saying. It’s true. That’s what they really think. They don’t care that you can’t take your kids to the movies because they’d have to save the planet from CO2. While they’re flying on private jets, you can’t take your kids to the movies. That’s how they actually feel.

CLAY: Yeah. And look. I also know it’s sports season, there’s a lot of people out there saying, “Hey, you can make it through another year with those tennis shoes. You can make it through another year with those cleats.” Maybe you can’t even be able to play Little League ’cause Mom and Dad can’t afford to get you to every game. This is real.

And so when Joe Biden has the address like he did today, frankly, it disgusts me, because he’s lying to everybody and he is so incompetent at this job. Buck, you and I aren’t rooting for him to fail because when the president of the United States fails on every level, we also bear the consequences — and, unfortunately, the Bidas touch is real. Everything Joe Biden touches turns to crap.

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