POLL: The Worries Over Words of War Between U.S and North Korea

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Here are my Cliff Notes...

When you start seeing a lot of those old photos of kids in the U.S. hiding under their classroom desks during those civil defense drills in the 50’s and 60’s, you know something’s going on.

What’s going on of course is the edginess a lot of people are feeling with the war of words between the leader of our country and the leader of North Korea.

Everyone hopes that war of words remains just that, words and not weapons.

But over the last few days, you can’t turn on the cable news channels without hearing discussions of what to do if a nuclear bomb were to go off.  

And you hear people asking about it and some obviously worrying about it.

Especially with so many members of the military and their families in San Diego.

Could something like that really happen, in this day and age?  The cold war was supposed to be long gone.,  The Cuban missile crisis way back in the early 1960’s was something kids just read about in history books, not something that is so often brought up in recent  days.

And while political leaders need to remember how powerful and unsettling their words can be, the words and stories the news media do also have power and can affect our moods and our feelings of security if coverage of the crisis is sensationalized.

What’s going on needs to be told and Americans need to be informed, but when you’re talking about something crazy like using nuclear weapons, those with the power to communicate, in the government and in the media, need to not stir things up, just to stir things up.

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