Mom Faces Charges for Trying to Stop Daughter's Bullying

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If your kid is bullied in school, what do you do about it? Talk to the teacher and the principal, right? And then they talk to everyone involved and do something about it, right?

That’s what a Norfolk Virginia mom expected to happen after her fourth grade daughter had been bullied, including being kicked in the stomach.

But that’s apparently not what happened.

Sarah Simms says she got no response from the school administration about her kid being bullied, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and now she’s facing felony charges that could send her to prison.

No she didn’t go to her daughter’s school and assault any one or throw things around the school office.

What she did was to put a small digital recorder in her daughter’s backpack so it would record any bullying of the girl.  She said she didn’t want to automatically just side with her child but wanted to be fair…so she wanted to investigate it herself.

But when someone at the school discovered the recording device recording in her daughter’s desk, the school confiscated it and now policed have charged her with breaking Virginia’s law against recording anyone without their consent, the same kind of law we have in California.

The mom’s attorney says she was shocked that the school went to police who then decided to charge her with a crime and not just have a conversation about her concerns that her kid was being bullied and what they would do about it.

The school district in Norfolk Virginia says they can’t comment because it’s a legal matter.  But based on the reports so far, it sounds like the school administration and police could use a class in common sense.

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