Why Spending 15 Minutes With Yourself Is So Important

We live in a distracted world, but if you make a 15 minute with yourself first thing in the morning, you can increase your productivity. Managers should help workers prioritize and have them report back on a regular basis.

Neen James is a productivity and leadership expert. She tells KOGO News you lose money when you get distracted and don't prioritize what you need to do for just that day.

She suggests you make a 15 minute appointment with yourself every day before you get to work.

Identify your top three activities you must get done that day, and make that appointment with yourself on your phone calendar.

She also says keep records of what you achieve, and when it comes to a job review, you have the evidence of why you deserve a raise. 

Her book is Attention Pays: How to Drive Profitability, Productivity and Accountability.


You can listen to our interview below.

Photo Credit: Neen James