All Things Comic-Con San Diego 2018

Check out photos from Day 1 of Comic Con HERE

Check out photos from Day 2 of Comic Con HERE.

Photo Credit: Mary Ayala

San Diego's Mayor made it official Thursday morning, Comic-Con 2018 is underway. See what Mayor Faulconer had to say about the event and what it means for the city. Click HERE. 

It's here. Comic-Con International begins Wednesday night with preview night then kicks into full gear Thursday morning. Lots of preparation is underway as San Diego gets dressed up for the special activities. Take a sneak peek at the Gaslamp as it looked this afternoon BELOW.

Comic-Con 2018 is sold out, just like it is every year. But, whether you're a pass-holder or not, there's plenty going on to keep you busy through Sunday. 

An estimated 135,000 people are expected in San Diego for the 49th annual Comic-Con so you can make new friends as you enjoy all the panels, people watching and Cosplay this year. 

We'll be updating this page with the latest news and information about the event plus photos and videos so be sure to check back daily.

If you don't have a pass for Comic-Con, your access to the front of the San Diego Convention Center and surrounding sidewalks will not be the same as it has been in years past. 

Find out about the new traffic and pedestrian rules HERE  

No Pass? No Worries, there are a lot of things you can do if you're not one of the lucky people to score a pass to Comic-Con 2018. 

Find out where to go to be a part of the fun "outside" the Con HERE

Comic-Con San Diego in 2018 and beyond. What's different this year? What's the future of San Diego Comic-Con?

Listen to an interview with Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer HERE

Are you going all four days? One day? 

Make the most of your day at Comic-Con by planning. There's too much going on between the panels and the offerings on the floor of the convention center that you would have to be a superhero to see or experience it all.

Take a few minutes, look at the official schedule for each day or download the app and use the nifty feature to mark your priorities so you don't have FOMO when you compare notes at the end of the day with your friends. 

Comic-Con San Diego Program Schedule 

KOGO will be out on the streets taking photos and videos of the fun Cosplay so be sure to check back tomorrow for the galleries but until then, let the best of 2017 hold you over. 



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