What Comic-Con 2018 Could Mean for the Future

Comic-Con is over for another year, and based on a sample of the 130-thousand or so fans who attended, it sounds like this year’s Comic-Con got good reviews.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that most of the comments made at the annual Sunday session where Comic-Con badge holders are invited to give Comic-Con organizers some feedback, there was a lot of praise, applause and cheers.

One thing in particular that apparently was a big hit was the closing of Harbor Drive to vehicles in front of the San Diego Convention Center.

With so many people, closing the street made it feel as if there was more room…and made it easier to get to and from Comic-Con.

The head of the Convention Center board was quoted as saying he liked it so it sounds like Harbor Drive could be closed for future Comic-Cons as well.

And with the future of future Comic-Cons being a little worry in the back of the minds of many fans, maybe the increased praise is a reflection of loving the event even more.

It’s that little worry, that in 3 years, Comic-Con may decide to move to as city with a larger convention center.

That’s why a lot of them along with San Diego leaders who point to the estimated 140 million dollars or so in economic benefits, will be pushing for voters to approve the citizen’s initiative expected to be on the ballot in November which would mean an expansion of the convention center and hundreds of thousands of happier Comic-Con fans.

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(Photo credit M. Ayala)

Comic Con 2018 Harbor Drive  M. Ayala


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