Is It Really Dangerous to Swim Right After Eating?

It’s something we probably all were told when we were kids.  

And with the heat wave with a lot of kids at the beach or planning a swim in a public or backyard pool, they may very well be hearing the same thing.

For decades, a lot of parents have told their kids, “Don’t go swimming right after eating, wait 30 minutes or so because you could risk drowning if you don’t.”

Well it turns out; it’s what you might call these days, fake news.

According to a recent report from the Mayo Clinic News Network, there is no scientific basis for the advice.   A Mayo Clinic emergency medicine physician says “the old feeling was that after you eat., some of the blood may be diverted to your gut to help digestion, diverting the bloodstream away from your arms and legs, and could lead you to get tired or fatigue and be more likely to drown.”

Well the doctor says that’s not quite true. He says your kids may end up with some stomach cramping or a muscle cramp, but it's not dangerous.

So if you’re a parent, while you should always keep an eye on your kids when they’re in the pool or at the beach, guess you don’t have to worry about them swimming without waiting a half hour after eating,  And that means you won’t have to listen to them asking you every minute,. “Is it time yet”?

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