Why the Immigration Debate is Good for America

The subject of immigration has been in the news every day, going back to the start of the 2016 presidential campaign. 

It’s always been an issue that tops many news stories but the President’s position on it has drawn more coverage of it than probably ever before.

Just yesterday, in one day, stories about immigration issues filled newscasts around the country, from a ruling by a federal appeals court on California’s state sanctuary laws, to reports about the continued reunification of children of detained or deported immigrants, to the President calling into the Rush Limbaugh show to talk about the wall in San Diego.

All this coverage of immigration, legal and illegal, and all the talk about it is not a bad thing.  That’s because immigration has been a hot issue since the United States became the United States.

Our country’s founders dealt with it, our leaders in the 1800’s and he 1900’s dealt with it as people from first Europe and then from around the world began coming to America, seeing it as a place that was going to give them a chance for a better life than they had in their native country.

And with every wave of new immigrants through our history came at last some controversy, if not a lot of controversy.

The Statue of Liberty may be our national symbol for America being a land made up of people who all came from somewhere else, it’s also a reminder of how controversial the subject of immigration has become.  And that’s why it’s good that there is so much news about it.

We may never completely agree on what to do about it, but most Americans seem to agree that our immigration system could be better.   

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