The Rising Temperatures in Politics

It didn't last very long; all that talk about how both political parties would take a cue from the late Senator John McCain’s message during his National Cathedral funeral service last weekend.

Two days after comments from both Republicans and Democratic politicians about maybe not being as divisive and not making personal attacks against each other and how there is a way to have heated debates over policies without calling each other names, you might say it was business as usual.

The start of Senate hearings for the president’s Supreme Court nominee Tuesday morning was a sign that whatever chance there was for a possible lessening of the nasty fighting between both political parties was over just as quickly as the talk about it had begun.

And of course the release the same day of excerpts from journalist Bob Woodward of Watergate fame’s latest book about presidents and how their administrations run, in which he says he has recorded conversations with people who describe  President Trump’s White House in a critical way, it’s like pouring hot French Fry oil on a burning flame.

And now things are likely to heat up even more when it comes to the tone of politics…with the mid-term elections just two months away.

Both parties and their candidates are digging in their heels and seeing the November election as pivotal.  The only question now is how bad will it get?

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