Why You Should Vote and Why It Matters

Get ready for the final push.  That’s what the candidates call these last few days before the election.

With the polling places set to open at 7 o’clock Tuesday morning and early voting at the Registrar of Voters office tomorrow and Sunday and mail ballots still being filled out across the state, candidates know these are the last few days and last few hours to make their case to voters.

So that’s why the major candidates in California are holding rallies, doing bus tours, going live on social media and running lots of ads on radio and TV.

From now through Monday they are all trying to make sure their supporters get out and vote…..and trying to convince those still undecided voters to vote for them.

While most voters on most issues usually have made up their minds about most of the races and most of the measures on the ballot, many have not.  This weekend is often the time when many voters sit down and go through the ballot and decide how they are going to vote.

And it may take some extra time to do it this weekend because the ballot in Tuesday’s election is a very long one. And that’s why election officials want you to fill out the sample ballot you got in the mail and bring it with you to the polling place on Tuesday. 

If the turnout out is large, and that’s what they expect, there could be a few voters ahead of you at your polling place

Taking the time to vote is important in a country that cherishes the right to vote.  If you don’t exercise that right, and then don’t like how things turn out after the election, you really can’t blame anyone else but that person you see in the mirror.

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