A Tiny Example of a Huge Problem in San Diego

The story of the 98 year old woman being evicted from her tiny cottage home in Ocean Beach has drawn a lot of attention.

According to reporting partner 10News, Betty Morse has lived alone in the home since the late 1980’s after her husband died and she needed a small place that she could afford.

Betty, who says she was a model tenant, has been using Section 8 housing assistance to help cover her rent.  But 10News reports the owner of the little home is getting out of the Section 8 housing assistance program and did not renew the lease and gave her an eviction notice.

Betty says it’s not going to be easy to find a new place to live because she wants to be independent.

As she put it to 10News, “I don’t know who will rent to me because in two months I’ll be 99 and they are not going to be happy to rent an apartment.”

She is apparently getting some help from an organization called San Diego Evictions.

While Betty’s story is just one small example of one tiny house and one old woman, it is a symptom of a big problem in San Diego, the cost of housing problem that is a long way from being solved.

(Photo credit 10News)

Betty Morse of Ocean Beach  10News


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