What to Do About What's Not Right

To quote a former news reporter at KUSI TV in San Diego, sometimes, "It ain't right".

If you’re a sports fan, and even if you’re not, you can probably understand why so many people in New Orleans were so unhappy about what happened in last week’s NFL playoff game between their city’s team, the Saints, and L-A’s top NFL team the Rams.

The officials’ huge mistake not calling a no-doubt-about-it penalty against the Rams that almost certainly would have given the Saints a victory and a trip to the Super Bowl has led to lawsuits against the NFL, change.org petitions and billboards calling out the NFL for not having done what’s right, according to reports in New Orleans.

But then we all can get pretty upset when people don’t do what’s right.  And we can get pretty upset when businesses don’t do what’s right, or our employers don’t do what’s right or, when our government leaders don’t do what’s right. And there’s plenty of debate about that right now.   

The problem is that in a culture that has sometimes clouded what is right and what is wrong, there can be disagreements over what’s right.

For some the partial government shutdown is right, for many others it is not right.

But if people can get so unhappy about something that they know was not right in a football game, don’t be surprised to see not just billboards, lawsuits and petitions, but maybe voters deciding to make a change over what they think is not right.

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