Where You Don't Want to Be Stuck

Sometimes you have to experience a problem to be reminded how bad it really is.

For instance, it’s generally known that traffic in L-A is bad but having just spent a day going to and from and through L-A, you experience just how bad.

Spend more than six hours in L-A area traffic in one day gives you a reality check on why the so-called city of Angels has that reputation.They earn it every day.

Freeway speeds are rare above 20 miles an hour during rush hours, and the problem in L-A is that if you’re trying to rush anywhere, forget about it. And in L-A, rush hours are almost every hour from before the sun rises to well after the sun sets.

And you don’t need a crash to slow the traffic. It seems as if it’s just slow almost everywhere, and all the time….and while worse on weekdays, even weekends can be slow. From the 405 to the 110 to the 101 to the 5, it doesn’t matter, until you are able to escape from L-A, you will be spending hours starting at the bumpers in front of you.

That U.S. News and World Report survey this week of Best Places to live, which ranked San Diego at 36th, ranked Los Angeles as 107th, worse than the other big 3 cities, New York and Chicago. And after spending a day in traffic, it’s more proof why living in San Diego is a lot better than being stuck, literally, in L-A.

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