Why the Super Tuesday Primary Was a Super Surprise

The Super Tuesday presidential primary will likely go down as one of the biggest surprises in political campaign history.

Just four days before, pretty much every political pundit across the country was saying that Joe Biden’s campaign was on life support and the chances of him being the Democratic presidential nominee this year were as slim as slim can be.

And then South Carolina happened Saturday where the former Vice President won every county, every county in that state.And within hours, the first of three of his primary election competitors dropped out and then turned their support to him.

Yet the polls on Monday still showed Bernie Sanders still a likely winner of most of the 14 state primaries on Super Tuesday.

So when the voting results started coming in with Biden winning at the vast majority of these 14 states, jaws dropped, double takes were everywhere and the surprise of surprises happened.

And now it’s a two candidate race.Biden and Bernie.And the questions are whether either of them will have a majority of delegates going into the Democratic National Convention this summer or whether they will fight it out on the convention floor.

Bernie has been running for President for more than 4 years, since before 2016 when he was pushed aside by Hillary Clinton.

Biden has been running for President for most of his political life ever since he first became a senator.

This is shaping up to be a fight to the finish, unless of course, somewhere down the road, there comes another surprise. Stay tuned.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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