Hoping for Normal When Things Are Abnormal

The temperatures are rising and so is the fever pitch around when schools can open and businesses and restaurants can be free to operate indoors.

Temperatures in the 90s and low 100s in the inland areas are not unusual in August and September, nor is the increased humidity from the occasional tropical storms or hurricanes out in the Pacific.

In fact in a way it’s kind of nice to have some normal hot weather when it normally can be hot during a time when not much is normal.

When you have to have your temperature taken when you go into many offices and stores. And when you have to wear a face mask when going almost anywhere.And when you can’t hug, shake hands or even high five.

There will come a day when things will start getting back to a somewhat normal but it looks like it could be a while yet.

While the county’s case rate has fallen and we could be off the state’s watch list soon, making it possible for some schools to open, it will probably be a while before all businesses are operating normally and we don’t have to wear coverings over our face.

The governor said Wednesday that when it comes to the virus, the state is turning the corner, with a downward trend now in cases in many counties and in hospitalizations statewide.

A reason for some optimism Governor Newsom says.We all sure hope so.

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