Why a 4th Grader's Doodle for Google is a Winner

A few decades ago, there was a kid who grew up in San Diego who became famous for talking to kids on a television show.

It was called House Party and Art Linkletter talked to kids who said the darndest things. Fast forward to today and there’s a fourth grader who’s being recognized for saying and doing something that could be one of the best things a kid could say.

Her name is Sharon Sara and she’s the winner of this year’s National Doodle for Google contest.It began in 2008 and every year since, tens of thousands of kids send in their doodle. This year’s theme was “I show kindness by..” Her entry is called ‘Together As One’, and it features girls of different shapes, sizes and colors, in different styles of dress, holding hands in friendship.

And her message was a pretty thoughtful one for a fourth grade kid:What you look like on the outside isn't as important as who you are on the inside.

As the national winner, Sharon receives a $30,000 college scholarship and her school in Frisco, Texas, gets a $50,000 technology package.

In congratulating her, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, said, “Sharon’s artwork reminds us of the importance of unity and kindness towards others, especially during these challenging times." 

Makes you wish more of our political leaders these days said more things like that...instead of the darndest things they do say.

(Photo Getty Images)

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