Why Masks Are Up When Coronavirus Numbers Are Down

The numbers may be going down, but the debate over coronavirus restrictions in California shows no signs of cooling down.

While the number of new cases, positive test rates and hospitalizations continue on a downward trend, the California Department of Public Health has San Diego still among the many counties that remain in the Red tier, the second most restrictive in terms of what can be open and how, with some counties still in the Purple and most restrictive tier.

While many of the businesses that were forced to close for months are now operating, in modified form, a lot of businesses are not operating at all. And while some schools are open for in class learning, many are not and if they are, it is limited.

While universities are open and operating, some have and still are struggling with stopping the outbreaks of the virus among students, some of whom have not been as focused on the health and safety rules as they are on college life.

So as we now heard toward Halloween and then the holiday season, the public health officials are sending out the message that while the COVID numbers are down, the flu season is here and they worry about increased hospitalizations.

While we anxiously wait for a vaccine at some point in the future, no one knows when that point will be so there’s a lot of impatience out there.

But for now, while the numbers are down, the message remains to "mask up".


(Photo Getty Images)

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