Da**** Time Change! Why Won't Congress FIX this!!!

I overslept today. I took a (rare) sleeping pill, in anticipation that I would have trouble sleeping when I needed to, due to the time change. Boy, did I sleep. Oops.

For background purposes, people who work super early, usually go to bed, super early, LOL.

But this affects more than whiny radio people, like me. The time changes throw things off for everyone, and they are simply not necessary.

Are you baffled that it takes an actual act of Congress to get rid of what is an outdated and stupid law?

Also, there is a law, about time. As though time is easy to govern.

When you have time changes, you are cutting off the top of a blanket, and sewing it onto the bottom, thinking it will make it longer. Or vice-versa.

All it does, is throw things off for people. There is no need to change the time.

Alas, the folks in charge of changing the clocks, are Congress. and bad legislation is almost impossible to get rolled-back.

You overwhelmingly voted for California to get rid of the time changes...and...nothing. Nothing happened. And, I suspect, nothing will.

And while it is not the most important legislation that could make its way through congress...it DOES affect EVERY AMERICAN. It is also a simple fix. This is not hard, it's just that Congress can't be bothered to do anything so piddly...

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