News Trending Now - Friday, April 1

Top news stories trending in San Diego on Friday, April 1, 2022.


·Ukraine strike on Russian territory reported as talks resume

·President Of Ukraine Gives Speech Announcing Two Of His Generals Are 'Traitors'

·Ukraine’s Best Tank Brigade Has Won The Battle For Chernihiv


·2-year Treasury yield tops 10-year rate, a ‘yield curve’ inversion that could signal a recession

·Biden's latest gas-price Band-Aid is barely even gaslighting

·REPORT: Psaki planning to leave White House this spring for MSNBC gig

·Strong jobs gains unlikely to boost Biden's standing with Americans


·U.S. added 431,000 jobs in March in sign of economic health

·The US Has Nearly Recovered All The Jobs Lost To COVID Lockdowns

·Apple workers take a stand over Tim Cook's return to office push: 'F–k RTO'

·Here's why Google's ex-HR chief says 'hybrid' work won't last


·Covid Hospitalizations hit low in USA

·How many COVID deaths 'acceptable'? Decision necessary to move to post-pandemic world

·Kids returning to school after pandemic are as badly behaved as ever, distraught teachers say


·CDC announces Title 42 will end as White House admits surge of migrants is expected

·Biden Administration To Add Foreign Worker Visas For Employers Who Can't Get Enough Americans To Work

·Stunning number of illegal immigrants getting away from border agents

·Border Patrol Agents Accused Of 'Whipping' Cleared Of Criminal Misconduct, Union Chief Says


·Is it fair to blame Gascón alone for L.A.’s violent crime surge? Here’s what the data show

·Rocket launchers were found in a trash can near Temecula, California middle school

·Poll Shows Widespread Worry About Bay Area Crime

·'The Office' Actor Charged With DUI, Hit-And-Run


·TN passes residency bill to disqualify MAGA-backed candidate

·Never Trump Candidate Seen Allegedly Illegally Forging Petition Signatures In Parking Lot In Effort To Run Against Elise Stefanik

·NY Times removing 'potentially insensitive words' from popular game

·CNN hits new lows with 'embarrassing' streaming launch, terrible ratings


·Disney employee's dire warning about economic fallout from 'leftward lurch'

·Business moves overseas highlight hypocrisy of Disney's 'woke' outrage in US

·I'm a mom and I'm saying goodbye to Disney

·Disney Takes Operations To Openly Anti-Gay Countries But Shuns Florida Over Parental Rights Bill

·DeSantis Mulls Stripping Disney Of Self-Governing 'Privileges' After School Bill Opposition


·Mark Zuckerberg ‘could become leader of virtual world’ as 5BILLION people expected to enter metaverse by 2030

·Metaverse builders grapple with sex harassment conundrum

·Post Office Cops Used Social Media Surveillance Program Illegally


·Chris Rock shuts down foul-mouthed fan for vulgar remark about Will Smith

·Chris Rock 'saved' Oscars after Will Smith smack, show's producer says

·Washington Post editor: Will Smith 'slapped the s---' out of Black community

·Ricky Gervais Laces Into Will Smith, Makes Fun Of His Character

·Jim Carrey makes shocking career announcement: 'I've done enough'


·House makes big move towards decriminalizing marijuana

·Secondhand marijuana smoke from bongs more dangerous than cigarette smoke

·Newest Psychedelic Drug: Sound?

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