You Know You're From San Diego When...

To anyone who's lucky enough to live in San Diego, you know that there are things that make it truly unique. Along with an ideal climate, diverse terrain, happy people, and incredible attractions, it's an awesome lifestyle.  Here's how you know you're from San Diego...

You woke up early to catch a Green Flash (we don't mean the beer).    Photo: Getty Images

You've been on a grunion run at the beach.        Photo: Getty Images

You've been on a field trip to Balboa Park.                     Photo: BigStock Photograpy

You've driven an hour to eat apple pie in Julian.         Photo: Getty Images

You risked your life on Potato Chip Rock.                        Photo: Mary Deary

Anything under 70 degrees is freezing!                                    

You've been cave kayaking in La Jolla.                                     Photo: Getty Images

Thanks to our low rainfall, your lawn looks like this most of the year.    Photo: Getty Images

You think Tony Gwynn is the patron saint of San Diego.                  Photo: Getty Images

You've gone ice skating at the beach during the holidays at the Hotel del Coronado Photo: BigStock 

You've dined at the Marina Room during high tide because you wanted to see the waves crash up onto the windows.    Photo: Wiki Commons

You still call it the Sports Arena.                                        Photo: Wiki Commons

You put avocado on EVERYTHING!                                            Photo: Getty Images

You know where the original Rubio's is located - 4505 E Mission Bay Drive, San Diego.

People from other places ask if you know Jason Mraz, and the guys from Blink 182.   Photo: Getty Images

You've made the middle of the night drive-thru run for rolled tacos, and not just because you'd been out drinking.                                           Photo: Getty Images

You or someone you know brews their own beer.                    Photo: Getty Images

You know how to pronounce La Jolla, San Ysidro, San Onofre, Jamul and El Cajon.  Image: La Jolla Visitors

You've stayed home from work or school because it was raining.    Photo: Getty Images

You've had a world-famous Mai Tai at the Bali Hai AND you might even have the souvenir glass somewhere.  Photo: Bali Hai Hotel Restaurant

Your high school had a surf club.            Photo: Getty Images

You've watched with a grateful heart as our troops come home from and leave for deployment.  Photo: Getty Images

You actually wore a big, crazy hat to Opening Day at the Del Mar Races Photo: Getty Images

Comic-Con is a good reason to avoid downtown.         Photo: Getty Images

You still call the San Diego County Fair the Del Mar Fair.           Photo: Big Stock Photography.

You've gone surfing in the morning and then had a snowball fight in the mountains an hour later.  Photos: Getty Images

You survived the roller coaster at Belmont Park.                Photo: Big Stock Photography

You still think of the Stadium as "The Murph".           Photo: Wiki Commons

You've sent a holiday card with a photo of your family at the beach...and you're not sorry.  Photo: Big Stock Photography

You've worn Uggs with shorts.                  Photo: Getty Images

You have studied at university library named after Dr. Seuss.        Photo: Wiki Commons

You still call Costco, "Price Club".   Photo: Getty Images

You've gotten lost in the maze that is Horton Plaza and then couldn't find your car anywhere!  Photo: Wiki Commons

When your dog knows how to surf.  Photo: Getty Images

There are a few things you can't do in San Diego - but nothing worth mentioning.  Photos: Getty Images

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