How Pandemic Problem Could Help Solve Other Problems

Have you noticed? How the pandemic problem the last two years has forced us to confront a lot of other problems that we knew we had.

But until the virus came along in the way it did and what it is still doing now, the problems that existed before it are now getting more attention. From the economy to immigration to politics to education to health care to the workplace and even to our homes, the pandemic has revealed some things about us and our society.

And that’s why it should not be a surprise that the homeless issue is now a bigger issue.

And why the Governor and San Diego’s Mayor this week announced their plans to do more about it. Gov Newsom helping to clean out a homeless encampment in San Diego to draw attention to the problem and what he wants to do it. And Mayor Gloria using his state of the city address to lay out what he wants to do about the problem.

The homeless problem will not be an easy one to solve. It never has been and it still is not.

It is a problem that includes other problems. That includes how to treat mental illness and how to build more affordable housing and how to provide social safety nets for those who really need them.

If the pandemic ends up helping us to solve these and other problems, then the virus will have been something that will have made us better.


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Photo: AFP via Getty Images

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