KOGO at Night with Mark Larson

KOGO at Night with Mark Larson

A recap of the day's news in San Diego, California, the nation and the world each weeknight on NewsRadio 600 KOGO, hosted by Mark Larson.

A New Senator for California

Spies Like Us

Larson talks spies, lies, and everything in-between.


Mark Larson talks with experts to solve the border crisis.

The Republican View

Mark Larson and Lou Penrose breakdown the debate that ended up being an episode of “The View.”


Mark Larson talks pumpkins and GOP debate predictions.

Skylab Anniversary

Mark talks Jack Lousma, NASA Astronaut and crew member on America's first space station Skylab on the 50th anniversary of the crew capsule splashing down off the coast of San Diego.

Major Garrett Day

Mark Larson celebrates by dissecting the world with Major Garrett.

Biden Blues

Joe Biden thinks you’re stupid, but Mark Larson knows you’re not.


Mark Larson snoops around and finds out Newsom’s major connection to oil.

Power Dump

Larson investigates the people and sewage coming over the border.