Slater & Lou

Slater & Lou

Each weeknight from 5 – 7pm on NewsRadio 600 KOGO, Mike Slater and Lou Penrose join forces for a fast-paced, news driven, talk program for San...Full Bio


LIV and Let Die

PGA Merger

Trump vs Pence

Lou on Mike Pence running for President.

Illegal Immigrants Dumped in Sacramento

Lou on Governor Newsom's reaction to a plane load of illegal immigrants dumped in Sacramento.


But what is it costing you?

You’re not the Customer

Companies aren’t selling to you.

Exit Stage Left

President Biden Falls at Graduation.

1st of Pride

The first day of Pride Month is off to a rocky start.


Carlsbad students walk out.

Blood or Soil

Mike Slater talks with you about the about the 14th amendment.