Slater & Lou

Slater & Lou

Each weeknight from 5 – 7pm on NewsRadio 600 KOGO, Mike Slater and Lou Penrose join forces for a fast-paced, news driven, talk program for San...Full Bio

Shut Up


That’s a big boat.

Snaps For You

Food Stamps take a bite.

Givers Beware

Do they really need it?

School’s Out



USA beats Iran 1-0

The Mileage Tax Might Be Dead

Slater and Lou talk to Chula Vista Mayor John McGann about fighting and hopefully defeating the mileage tax.

Balenciaga Ad Controversy

Slater and Lou on the controversy over the Balenciaga teddy bear ad with children.

Keepin’ It Fresh


Good For Them

Black Friday + Inflation = Good Luck, Chump!