WHY I Will Say Anything

I am a hot mess. I will completely fess up to that, no problem. I do keep a few things close to the vest, but for the most part, I am an open book. I feel what I feel. I yam who I yam. 

I have always been an over-sharer. I find life infinitely interesting and wonderful. Even the bad, ultimately is good. 

So when I talk about my divorce, as horribly painful as it is, I am learning something from the words on the page. It's also how I connect with you. Together, we help each other through hard times, and laugh our way through the absurd. We are, after all, human, and that human connection, even if electronic, is of great comfort. 

Sometimes I sail grandly into the future...Sometimes I embarrass myself. And more often, like you, I imagine, I wobble. I wibble. I stumble, I fall. 

And then I get right back up and I charge right smack into the jaws of life. I think of this life as a big adventure, and I really can't wait to see what is next. I don't want to miss anything, man. 

This life is so amazing. It is filled with experiences and feeling, and boy do I dig that. I love talking about the things that happen, and when you join the conversation, it gives me great comfort and hope. You have been there, you have seen it, and you are wonderful to share what you have experienced. 

You are the key, really. When I talk about me, what I really want to talk about is you. From mental illness to divorce, to your favorite songs, to breast lumps, to roadblocks to falling in love, to babies, to your favorite dish at dinner. I am interested in you. All of you. We have a limited amount of time on the planet, and we need each other. Your experiences are invaluable. Your life is so interesting. I am just providing a frame of reference. 

And I want to experience it. Life is a magnificent buffet...the foods sometimes familiar, sometimes strange and exotic. Some of them look weird, but are delicious! Some look delightful and taste like feet! Some are plain little dishes that serve up a GIANT mountain of flavor and complex texture. 

You and I dine together at that buffet. It's kind of a standing date, in my mind. Your stories and your life are so darned interesting to me. I do hope mine provide you the same entertainment and comfort that yours do for me. 

I think we are all in this together. And it makes us stronger and more able to enjoy all those wonderful flavors. And all of the really terrible ones, too. 

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