The Feds are After your Pot. Again.

You had to know the feds were never going to stand for your assertion that you should be able to possess and smoke pot, if you want to...that YOU were better equipped to decide how you want to feel. 

The federal government has had a long-standing war on any substance that alters your reality, but it doesn't date back to the founders. They were a happily imbibing bunch. It was a later development. 

During prohibition, the government decided America wasn't going to drink. It was one of the most stunning displays of hubris I've seen. Seriously, if you can show me where in human history people have been completely sober, I will walk this back. 

Sure there have been isolated populations who revel in their piety by punishing any and all pleasurable behavior. And on occasion, those puritans succeed in forcing that orgiastic privation upon an unwilling populace. But it doesn't last for long, and there is always someone willing to flout convention for a buck. 

The cost of prohibition, in it's various forms, has been high, make no mistake. 

Just saying no, to booze, brought us the mob. And it didn't stop people from drinking. 

Just saying no, to drugs, created drug cartels, and anyone who has wanted heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, pot, or any other illicit substance, can still get it. 

I am not a fan of drugs. I have family that have struggled with meth, which I believe was created in the 5th ring of Hell. 

I also know that, though meth is quite illegal, it also still quite available. 

Heck, we cant even by Cosco-sized multi packs of allergy pills, anymore because of meth...yet, we can still get meth. Prohibition has not stopped the drug from making it's way into people's lives, ruining them, and breaking families into pieces. It is a terrible drug. And. We. Can. Still. Get. It. 

There is a big difference between what we wish, and what is. I wish no one struggled with addiction, to anything. But I am also positive that wishing, and legislating, won't make it so. 

Cracking down on California, Colorado and other states for for legalizing weed, is unlikely to stop anyone from smoking weed.  

Jailing people for having, growing and/or smoking weed, is not going to stop anyone from smoking weed. 

 The war on drugs, no matter what kind, will always be lost, when it is fought by a government that has made YOU, the enemy. 

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