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A Question About the Future of Social Media

There seems to be more controversy about TikTok, Twitter and Facebook, than ever before.

Some laws have already been passed about TikTok because of concerns over its ownership by a company in China and the security of private information.

Twitter is under fire from some yet being praised by others as the controversy over Elon Musk now owning the company continues as he reinstates some Twitter accounts that were banned by the former owners.

And Facebook, a target of many critics for a long time, is facing new questions about changes that many Facebook users don’t like and continued concerns over algorithms and privacy.

And all of these controversies have led to some people just leaving the platforms altogether.

What is happening to social media is something that social scientists are probably watching and studying. There already have been studies on social media. How while it connects us to each other, it also has driven us apart from in-person relationships and isolation.

And the bullying and the anger on social media has led to broken relationships.

Social media isn’t going away, but are we approaching a time when more people go away from it?

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