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How Smart Are Smartphones?

There seems to always be a lot of talk about how many people have become addicted to their smart phone.

And now there’s a study that found that a lot of people admit to unlocking their smart phones for no specific reason about 40-percent of the time.

Researchers surveyed people to see how much checking of their smartphones is due to being creatures of habit as they put it their study.

They found that the average user unlocked their phone more than 10,000 times a year — or nearly 30 times a day — and that about 4,000 of those times of unlocking their phones over a year as being “compulsive” with the user admitting to not having any particular reason for doing it.

About 10 percent of the users in the survey opened their device more than 60 times every 24 hours

But only one third of the smartphone users surveyed believe there are addicted to their device.

We all know that our smart phones have become a big part of modern life, allowing us to find news and information, answer questions, get directions and communicate far more quickly than in the past.

But the survey suggests that sometimes a good thing can become a bad thing and that compulsive checking of our smartphones may not be that smart.

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