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What to Do About America's Biggest Problem

You’ve been hearing and watching the reports for months now about the growing problems at the U.S. Mexico border.

And now, not unexpectedly, comes that latest Gallup poll that found that more Americans say immigration is the most important problem in the country. The folks at Gallup say immigration has surpassed government as being the most important problem.

Of course the two problems go hand-in-hand. Immigration is tied to what government does about it or doesn’t do about it.

The Gallup poll was released just before President Biden and Donald Trump both prepare to make visits to the border on the same day.They will be some 300 miles from each other along the border in Texas, but they will be talking about the same problem.

What needs to be done. Biden will talk about what he is doing and what he now wants to do.Trump will talk about what he did and what he would do if re-elected.

And while county supervisors have voted to approve a plan to reduce the migrant drop-offs on migrants on the streets of San Diego, it won’t happen without more money from the federal government.

You see, the immigration problem will never be solved until both political parties work together to solve it instead of constantly fighting with each other and verbally attacking one another.

And that’s why Americans still say government is ranked right up there with what they say is the number one problem, immigration.

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