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How Much Screen Time is Too Much Time?

How much time is too much time when it comes to spending your time on screen time?

A recent poll of 2,000 adults found that the average person will spend 34 years during their entire life time looking at their phones, tablets, computers and TV screens.

Yep, more than three decades. The poll found that the average adult starts looking at screens within 20 minutes of getting out of bed, some doing it within the first five minutes. And that the typical adult will spend more than half of their 24 hour day looking at screens.

Now you might think, well, there are screens everywhere that we use for everything, from working to shopping to filling up our gas tank. So no wonder we spend all that time looking at screens.

But interestingly, many of those polled confessed that less than half of their screen time is used productively.

And the researchers who did this poll found that more than half of those surveyed admitted that their screen time actually strained their eyes.

And among parents surveyed about 40 percent said their kids spend too much time on their devices, even though they’re the ones in charge.

So it would seem that more time spent on self-discipline is needed when it comes to screen time.

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