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Easter Weekend and Hope for Peace

It is Easter weekend but in the Middle East, as was the case at Christmas, the celebrations are muted.

The reason of course, again, is the war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas whose leaders say they represent all Palestinians.

This weekend, with Easter Sunday being the most important day of the year for Christians, among them some Palestinians, they flock to Jerusalem, where Jesus was crucified, with the resurrection being the center of their faith.

But this year, media reports say the number of Christians who are celebrating Easter in Jerusalem is way down because of the war and the tensions there.

While the region includes Jewish, Christian and Muslim believers, during normal times, if there are any such times in the Middle East, Easter is a holiday that is, if not celebrated by all, it is respected by most.

But this past week, Holy Week, there were reports by journalists there that some Christians were being assaulted and spat on. 

The war apparently has kindled rising tensions among all faiths in a place where a man who preached and taught peace, and yet was tortured and brutally killed on Good Friday that Christians mark today.

Easter represents new life and new hope, and this year, both are badly needed in an area of the world where the war rages on.

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