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How to Find a Cure for Unhealthy Lack of Trust

It’s that time of year again, except this time, this year, it appears to be worse.

It’s allergy season but scientists say the allergy season started sooner than usual thanks to the winter being the warmest on record across the U.S.  Warmer winters mean plants bloom earlier and longer. The allergy season also was earlier last year and researchers point to climate change as being responsible for these worsening allergy seasons.

Another trend this spring is more disturbing when it comes to our health. 

A second case of measles reported in San Diego County is among a growing number of measles happening across the country.Health officials blame it on a drop in vaccinations against the potentially deadly measles virus that was once eradicated.

And of course there are still plenty of people getting COVID and others getting the flu and others getting RSV, which medical experts say could be prevented or reduced in severity if more people got the vaccine shots for those viruses.

Could it be that the COVID controversies and the lack of trust in the vaccine for it by some, is to blame for what’s happening? 

And could it also be what seems to be a growing lack of trust among some of various institutions from science, to medicine to politics?

Maybe we need to find a cure for the lack of trust and a better way to know the truth and believe in it. 

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