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How to Boost Your Chances of Not Getting a Virus

COVD-19 may not be the official health emergency it once was and we may be in the post pandemic era, but that doesn’t mean the virus is not around. It is.

In January, there were nearly as many hospitalizations for COVID as in January of 2023.

A report by the CDC says more than 75 percent of Americans 16 and older have had COVID at least once. And the experts say it is likely higher because many were never tested.

Public health officials say while the pandemic is over, the virus is now endemic. In other words, like the flu, it’s going to continue to be around.

And that’s why a new study about COVID vaccinations is getting attention.

New research out of Canada suggests that when it comes to protection from COVID, boosters are better than your original shot.

The researchers say that immunity following a COVID-19 booster shot lasts much longer than the primary series alone.

While public health officials do recommend getting vaccinated not only for COVID but also for the flu, the concern has now spread due to the talk from those who have been opposed to getting vaccinated for COVID leading to a drop in vaccinations that have been proven to be effective and that have been around for decades. Case in point, the measles, which was eradicated years ago, but is now back.

Many medical experts say they hope that trend turns around and soon.

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