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What is the Best Way to Get Income in Retirement?

How Much Is Enough Saved Heading Into Retirement?

How come some people are in great shape with 200k and some are in bad shape with 2 million dollars?  Well, Brad White is here to explain.

Biggest Red Flag Investments

Brad White breaks down the biggest industry red flags in today's show.

Are Fed Hikes Actually Sparking a US Economic Boom?

Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell he said before the start of this year that we could see three rate droppings of the interest rate, but things haven’t worked out like they’ve planned.  In fact, they may have to back things up a bit, because inflation isn’t under control. So, did the hikes we did over that period of 18 or 20 months spark the US economic boom that we’re having right now?

What It Looks Like To Leave California In Retirement

If you’re nearing retirement and you’re thinking of going somewhere else for retirement than California, the question is, what does it look like to do that?  Brad White breaks the numbers down for us.

How Much Income in Retirement Can You Generate off of a Million Dollars?

How much money in retirement can I generate?  That’s always a good question, but let’s say you have a million dollars.  When Brad is painting this scenario to someone sitting across from him, how much income can we generate from a million dollars?  That’s the Million Dollar Question that we ask Brad on today's show.

What To Do in an Election Year?

Over half of investors surveyed by Investopedia say they’re worried about the 2024 U.S. Presidential election affecting their portfolios.  Should we be?  

A Historic Mark for the S&P 500!

A lot of people hear stock prices, Dow Jones industrial average, S&P 500…they hear all these things, but do you really know them?  Brad takes a deep dive with us today after a recent historic mark for the S&P 500.

How Does Inflation Impact Your Retirement?

For the better part of a decade from 2011 to 2020, we weren’t worried about this thing called inflation.  But since the end of 2021 moving forward, inflation has been a part of our lives and we’ve noticed it at the grocery store and different things that we do in life and in times like these, well you need to probably step back and take an overview and that’s what Brad wants to do with us on today's show.

Understanding What Someone is Selling in the Investment World, and Should You Be Buying?

 Understanding what someone is selling in the investment world is key and then the question is, should you buy?  The two main questions when it comes to retirement is, have I saved enough money?  And is this money going to last, but understanding what you have and what you want to accomplish and where you want to go, there’s a lot of questions that they need to answer so that you can give them some realistic expectation of if they’ve saved enough and is it going to get them through the rest of their life?