San Diego This Week with Carl DeMaio

San Diego This Week with Carl DeMaio

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Is This the Next California Governor?

Did Democrats REALLY Change Their Tune on Crime?

DEMOCRATS CHANGE THEIR TUNE? Some CA Democrats are pushing for welfare reform and cracking down on crime, but it's all a hoax! Find out why you shouldn't believe them, what they're really up to, and how we can fight back — LISTEN!

CA Democrats Want to Kill Your Job!

JOB KILLING BILLS IN CA: CA already has the highest unemployment in the nation, but CA's liberal politicians have introduced many job-killing bills that will make the problem MUCH worse! We have a list of these bad bills and a plan to fight back — LISTEN!

Gas Prices Will Hit Record High!

ANOTHER GAS PRICE SPIKE: CA gas prices continue to spike and will hit new RECORD HIGHS — and most of those high costs are due to taxes. Yet CA Democrats are still set to raise the gas tax again on July 1st! Get the latest about what's happening and how we can fight back — LISTEN!

CA Wants to Sue Businesses Who Flee!

CA WANTS TO SUE BUSINESSES WHO FLEE: CA Democrats now want to allow businesses to be sued and taxed for fleeing California to do business in another state! Get the details on these crazy proposals and find out what we can do to fight back — LISTEN!

CA's Crazy Budget Cuts

CA'S CRAZY BUDGET CUTS: CA faces a budget deficit of $73 billion and Gov. Newsom and Democrat lawmakers just agreed to cut $17.3 billion from the budget — but instead of cutting funding from giveaways to illegal immigrants, they decided to do this instead. Find out the latest and help fight back — LISTEN!

Democrats Penalize Crime Victims?!

CRIME VICTIMS PENALIZED: CA's liberal politicians have proposed a new bill to penalize victims of crime! SB1446 says that businesses — not criminals — are at fault for theft because they don't hire enough workers, must hire more and restrict self-checkout lines! Get the latest and fight back — LISTEN!

Democrats Want to Ban Air Conditioning?!

BAN ON AIR CONDITIONING: CA's liberal politicians are proposing a BAN on air conditioning units in the state, which will cause energy bills and home temperatures to skyrocket! Get the latest and help us point the heat back on these crazy politicians and their green new deal agenda — LISTEN!

No Work on Weekends in CA?!

PENALTY FOR TEXTING ON WEEKENDS! A new bill by CA's liberal politicians aims to ban employers from calling or texting their employees on the weekend or after hours. While this might sound nice, there's actually a big catch! Plus, find out how we can defund the Left by attending local city council meetings — LISTEN!

CA is a Squatter's Paradise!

CA IS A SQUATTER PARADISE! In a nightmare for CA property owners, the state's current laws from liberal politicians allow squatters to claim property rights and immunity from evictions! But a new Florida law could fix this mess if implemented in CA — LISTEN!