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Caught on Tape: SANDAG Admits to Playing Games With Your Tax Dollars

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) held a private meeting on July 8th with the San Diego North Business Chamber to discuss implementation of a slurry of new taxes they are looking to impose on San Diegans in order to receive federal funding from Biden’s latest infrastructure bill.

San Diegans already pay the highest gas taxes in the country but under SANDAG new proposal they will also have the highest sales tax in the country and be forced to pay a mileage tax on every mile they drive. Mileage trackers will veen be installed on every car they drive!

During SANDAG’s July 8th private meeting, a SANDAG official was asked what sort of tax hikes they were looking at to fund a more than $160 billion transit program for San Diego. The SANDAG official admitted to an outrageous number of new taxes that will be imposed on San Diegans.

“He wants to raise taxes by 1% of every transaction in our economy,” Carl DeMaio stated. “This would give most of our jurisdictions a 10% sales tax,” he continued.

In addition to admitting to massive tax hikes and glossing over the egregious costs, Senior Transit Planner, Brian Lane stated, “we play games all the time at SANDAG.”

When Lane was asked what he meant about “playing games” with tax-payer money, the focus of conversation in the private July 8th meeting quickly changed to one that tried to fool San Diegans into believing that raising taxes will actually save people money. 

Congress’ recently passed infrastructure bill will lead to a massive tax increase here in California - including a gas tax increase, a sales tax increase, and even an outrageous imposition of a mileage tax. 

“San Diego will have a starring role for the National Mileage Tax experiment,” DeMaio concluded. 

Listen to Carl expose what SANDAG is doing with your tax dollars HERE.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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