The California Report with Carl DeMaio

The California Report with Carl DeMaio

The California Report with Carl DeMaio offers candid discussion on the latest in local and national political headlines, policies and reform. The...Full Bio

A Candid Tutorial on How CA Politics Really Works – Or Doesn’t

CA’s Border Crisis Is Getting Worse

DeMaio on the crisis at the border and how and why it's getting worse.

San Diego County Supervisors Back Higher Utility Rates Based on Your Income

DeMaio on the higher utility rates coming your way and who is really to blame.

After Far-Left Activists Made Threats, Gavin Newsom Cancels Christmas Tree Lighting

DeMaio on how Governor Newsom surrendered to far-left activists and robbed children of the Christmas Tree lighting.

CA Politicians Want to Raise Your Taxes to Cover Their Fiscal Irresponsibility

DeMaio on how the politicians in California are doing anything and everything they can to raise your taxes.

San Diego County Rejects Important Tool to Reduce Homelessness

DeMaio on how the county is keeping the homeless crisis from improving.

San Diego County Politicians Now Spending $6 Million for Free Travel for Illegal Immigrants

DeMaio on how much the local politicians are spending to give illegal immigrants travel for free.

California Democrats Want to Remove Donald Trump from the 2024 Ballot - Can They?

DeMaio on how the democrats are still trying to keep Trump off thhe ballot in thhe upcoming election.

Top 5 Lies Told By Gavin Newsom During Debate

DeMaio goes over the top 5 lies made by Governor Newsom during the debate.

Why Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis both lost the debate

DeMaio on the debate between Governor Newsom and Governor DeSantis and why they both lost.