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CA Democrats Claim To Give Inflation Relief - As They Try to Raise Taxes

After rejecting Reform California’s “Gas Tax Holiday” proposal that could have saved each household $215 per month on gas, California Democrats finally approve a paltry $350 in one-time “Inflation Relief” checks for some Californians. These same politicians now want to pass over 250 tax hikes in the November election.

Eight months after California gas prices and inflation began to climb to record numbers, California Democrats are finally sending some token relief to California citizens - but only if they fit narrow eligibility criteria. 

Following rejections of Republican proposals for a “Gas Tax Holiday” to immediately suspend all state gas taxes — which would have saved drivers roughly $215 per month on gas — state Democrats have settled on passing a new round of tax rebate checks to be delivered in October and November. 

These one-time payments, called “Inflation Relief,” will be for up to $350 per taxpayer or $700 for joint filers — with an additional $350 for an eligible dependent.

But Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, says that the so-called “inflation relief” checks have a catch.

“The timing of these payments is absolutely in order to bribe you to come out and vote in November — and to make sure you vote for the Democrats that gave you your checks,” said DeMaio. 

“Nevermind the fact that Democrats rejected Republican proposals that would have saved you a lot more money,” DeMaio says.

In fact, the typical household in California is paying $2500 more for gas than they should each year due to state taxes and fees - meaning even with the $350 rebate they are still out more than $2150 in higher costs because of California Democrats.

And DeMaio says that it gets worse — the payments won’t make any difference if Democrats have their way on the November ballot. 

“There are over 250 Democrat-backed measures on your ballot in November to raise taxes,” explained DeMaio. “If those pass, you’re going to be paying back a whole lot more than $350-1,050 in taxes.”

While DeMaio and Reform California won’t reject the payments, they argue that voters should receive even more and that California shouldn’t pass any new tax increases.

“Our struggling families need immediate relief, and while these checks are a small step in the right direction, they still need help — and raising taxes in a sneaky bait and switch move will only hurt our state even more,” said DeMaio.

Reform California and Carl DeMaio are leading the fight to defeat over 250 tax increases on the ballot in November.

“We can defeat these tax hikes in November and save our hardworking families more money — but we can’t do it without your support and your vote!” concluded DeMaio.

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