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DeMaio Slams City Politicians for “Lying” to Voters in Mailer on Measure B

Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio Slams San Diego City Politicians for Sending “Egregiously Dishonest” Mailer Claiming Measure B comes “at No Cost to Homeowners” When Measure B Actually Imposes a $700 per year “Garbage Tax” 


As California’s November 2022 General Election approaches, voters are being asked to decide the fate of the City of San Diego’s controversial Measure B — which imposes a new Garbage Tax on San Diego homeowners to the tune of $350-700 per year.

Despite that, city politicians have been caught sending out mailers this week on Measure B that falsely portray the measure as saving residents money and coming at “no cost to us.” 

On Tuesday, October 11th, San Diego Republican voters received a piece of mail that claims “Measure B ensures the city will provide us with trash & recycling bins and replace them when they break, at no cost to us.” (emphasis added)

Reform California’s Carl DeMaio, who is leading the campaign opposing Measure B, slammed the mailers as “egregiously dishonest.” 

“Measure B impose a Garbage Tax that will cost homeowners roughly $700 per year - there’s nothing ‘free’ about B,” DeMaio says.

While not disclosing the Garbage Tax contained in Measure B, the misleading mailer seems to play up a claim that residents would not be charged for “replacement” garbage bins if B passes.

“That’s also simply false,” DeMaio says. “Not a single word in Measure B provides for free trash bins - and politicians could charge for replacement bins on top of the $700 Garbage Tax that is being imposed,” DeMaio cautions.

DeMaio also points out the irony in city politicians trying to take issue with fees for replacement garbage bins - when in fact these same city politicians are the ones imposing those fees in the first place.

“San Diego city politicians chose to force a charge for bins – and they can remove that immediatelyif they wanted,” said DeMaio. 

DeMaio points out that Measure B’s backers fail to mention it will impose a costly and unfair “Garbage Tax” on all homeowners. Worse, the ballot title and description written by city politicians is worded in a misleading and deceptive way to hide the fact that it is a garbage tax.

“These corrupt politicians are lying to you in your mail and lying to you on your ballot by refusing to acknowledge that it is a massive tax increase — one that would completely erase any savings free garbage bins could provide, even if it were true,” said DeMaio.

Worse, DeMaio says that city trash services are already fully funded by property taxes, and Measure B is an attempt to double-charge residents.

“Bottomline — lies are the only way these politicians can con you into voting for this measure, and we have to stand for the truth and vote no on Measure B on November 8th,” he continued.

DeMaio has launched a grassroots campaign to defeat Measure B and is asking San Diegans to join the fight at

Photo Credit: Reform California

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