Take the Gun Quiz: 10 Laws You Probably Have Broken Already – Making You a Criminal

If you buy a gun in California you stand a really good chance of becoming a criminal by unintentionally breaking the law. Doubt that prediction? 

Try taking the quiz below put together by KOGO’s Carl DeMaio and Michael Schwartz of San Diego County Gun Owners Association. Mind you, if you get even ONE question wrong, you are a criminal and (if caught) lose your 2nd Amendment rights and worse!

“Politicians opposed to the Second Amendment have enacted regulations and rules that are so onerous and confusing that even the most responsible individual and reasonably informed gun owner will unintentionally end up committing either a felony or misdemeanor or both,” says Carl DeMaio.

“This strategy mirrors the complex ‘Voter Eligibility Tests’ Democrats gave in the South in the 1870s to 1950s to deprive blacks of the right to vote - make it so complex that people lose their rights,” continues DeMaio.

Take the quiz below – and share with your friends. Perhaps then they will realize that all the anti-gun laws are not about enacting simple “safeguards” but making it so confusing and strict that good people become criminals – without knowing it in many cases. Plus listen to interview segment below of Carl DeMaio and Michael Schwartz explaining the survey and the complex gun laws in California.


California Gun Criminality Quiz

1. You legally purchased and owned a pistol while living in Nevada and move to California with your pistol.  After 6 weeks you register it with the state of California.  Are you a criminal?

2. You are discharged from the Marine Corps last year and they do not ask for their 30 bullet magazines back.  Are you a criminal?  

3. You keep in your closet an heirloom from your parent who passed away which is a legally bought, commonly owned California Assault Weapon.  Are you a criminal?  

4. You own guns that you purchased from a store in San Diego after you passed a background check.  Your best friend of 40 years who also owns guns that he purchased after a background check sells you one of his guns to you complete with an official, signed bill of sale.  Are you a criminal?  

5. True or false: If purchase a rifle it must be a minimum of 32 inches long.  

6. You want to buy a shotgun that is a half inch longer than the minimum 24 inches.  Are you a criminal?

7. You legally own a rifle magazine that holds 12 rounds. Can you use it in your legally owned AR15 that is fitted with a Bullet Button?

8. Supppose it's 2018, you are over 21 and have a clean record. You want to go to the range to go target shooting, but need to buy ammunition. Can you buy a box online and ship it to your house?

9. You legally own an AR15. Which accessories can you put on to your rifle? (A) a pistol grip (B) an adjustable shoulder stock (C) a forward grip added to the front of the rifle for better control (D) a flash hider

10. Last year you bought one of the most commonly owned sport rifles in the country: an AR15. It came with a "Bullet Button" so you have to use a tool to change the magazine.  January 1st, 2018 a police officer celebrates the new year with you at the range with some target practice with your really cool rifle.  Would he be legally justified in arresting you?  




1 Yes you are a criminal - unless you did it within 30 days.   

2. Yes you are a criminal. Taking possession of normal capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds is a felony.  

3. Yes you are a criminal.  You cannot inherit a California Assault Weapon (side note, you cannot store a California Assault Weapon in your closet.  

4. Yes you are a criminal. Must go through a licensed dealer and a 10 day waiting period.  

5. False. It must be 30 inches.  Violate this and you are a criminal.

6. The minimum is 26 inches.  Violate this and you are a criminal.

7. No - If you used 12 rounds, you are a criminal. Must be 10 rounds or less.  

8. No – if you do you are a criminal.  All ammo purchases must be face to face.  

9. Trick question, all answers are wrong, everyone is a felon who selected any of the options.

10 It must be altered to be California compliant or registered as an "Assault Weapon" otherwise you are a felon.  

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