UPDATE: DeMaio Report Listeners Help Senior Keep Her House

UPDATE: Great news! Thanks to the generosity of DeMaio Report listeners, Linda Anderson will get to keep her house! We reached our GoFundMe goal of $11,100 to pay off Linda’s past-due HOA fees and property tax assessments. With the house now safe from foreclosure, volunteers will now help spruce up Linda’s house so she can get a roommate for some extra money and companionship.

“Thank you to all who helped Linda in her time of need – this shows individual compassion works!” said Carl DeMaio

Linda Anderson is a 75-year-old senior citizen who faces the real prospect of becoming homeless.

Linda lives on $700 a month in Social Security. Years ago Linda opted for a reverse mortgage on her house to receive an additional $493 in monthly payments from the mortgage company.

Unfortunately, Linda fell behind on her bills and stopped making payments for her Home Owners Association (HOA) dues. Now with back payments and penalties totaling $7,278 to the HOA, the HOA has moved to foreclose on her home.

What’s worse, because the HOA filed for foreclosure, the reverse mortgage company has now discontinued the $493 monthly payment she was receiving.

While skipping your HOA payments is wrong, everyone deserves a second chance.

Local real estate agent Rich Kushner was tasked with conducting a short sale on this home, but he worked with the reverse mortgage company and the HOA to buy some time for Linda.

Then Kushner reached out to KOGO radio host Carl DeMaio for suggestions and help.

“Everyone deserves a second chance in life – especially a 75 year old senior,” DeMaio says. “What we need is a plan to help Linda – and a plan that Linda will follow to ensure she doesn’t find herself in this position again,” DeMaio says.

So here’s the plan: If Linda can come up with $11,000 in funds she can keep her house.

Better yet: Linda has committed that if she keeps her house, she plans on renting a room out to make the extra money she needs to stay ahead of her bills.

Several volunteers have offered to paint the room in her house she wants to rent out to help Linda.

But first we need to raise the money to stop the foreclosure. Can you help?

A GoFundMe page has been established. Please consider giving even $50, $25, heck even $5!

Here’s the page to go to: https://www.gofundme.com/help-prevent-foreclosure-on-linda

This is a chance to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life today.

“If we work together and each do a small part, we can make a profound difference in one person’s life – we can’t just talk about helping people, Linda has a plan and we should help her,” concluded DeMaio.

Photo Used by Permission from Rich Kushner

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