DeMaio Report: Did Nathan Fletcher Manipulate Business Owner for PR Stunt?

San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher posts video to shift blame for wave of businesses closing permanently due to draconian Covid-19 lockdown orders

“They don’t blame me!” That’s the absurd message that San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher is desperately trying to advance as countless local business owners make the painful but necessary decision to close their businesses permanently due to the draconian Covid-19 lockdown orders Fletcher supports.

On December 28 Fletcher proudly posted a single video of him talking to Greg Schloss, owner of A & B Sporting Goods in North Park - a third generation small business that is shutting its doors permanently due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. 

Fletcher decided to “drop by” A & B Sporting Goods. To show how concerned he was with a long-standing local businesses going under, Fletcher even came with a symbolic county proclamation his office printed up to pay homage to the wonderful legacy of A & B Sporting Goods.

In addition to bringing a paper proclamation, Fletcher - conveniently - brought along a camera crew.

After buttering up the owner with platitudes that only a polished politician can, Fletcher was able to get the owner to say he didn’t blame Nathan Fletcher for his business woes. “The disease ruined the business, not you personally,” Schloss politely offered. Bam - money shot!

On his daily radio show Carl DeMaio played the video clip and countered that Fletcher indeed bears a lot of responsibility for small businesses that are hurting. “Nathan Fletcher thinks manipulating one single business owner into granting him absolution will somehow carryover to the thousands of other angry small business owners who are suffering because of Fletcher’s reckless policies,” DeMaio said.

Many in the Schloss family agree. During the show Greg Schloss’ brother Rick called in (without solicitation and without prior booking) to discuss the truth behind their family's store closing in North Park. “The industry has changed, North Park has changed, and as my brother said, we’re the only store in North Park that doesn't sell craft beer,” Schloss stated. “Without any sports teams or little league being played, my brother had to make a decision to close the store,” he continued”

When DeMaio asked Schloss if he thought it was appropriate for him to show up in his store with a camera crew, he said, “no,” and that “my brother didn’t know what he was doing.”

Rick Schloss agreed with DeMaio that Fletcher was using his brother and the sad news of his business closing to manipulate a great opportunity for himself.

Click on the link below to listen to the interview and the shameful manipulation for yourself!

**Photo Credit: Getty Images

Nathan Fletcher shamefully manipulates business owner