Caught on Tape: Left Wing Leader Was Part of Capitol Hill Breach

There is no doubt that many of the protesters who breached the US Capitol this week were die-hard Trump supporters. However the evidence is mounting that Left-wing activists had indeed infiltrated the Trump rally and were part of the breach of the US Capitol.

On Wednesday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper scored an interview with an eyewitness to the tragic shooting of Ashli Babbitt. That eyewitness was John Sullivan. 

Sullivan described how the group he was with got to the outer doors of the House floor and he recounted how Babbitt and others were pushing to get through one of the outer doors with a broken window. Sullivan said he said was standing near Babbitt when she was shot and used his camera to film the aftermath of the shooting. 

The one big question Anderson Cooper conveniently did not ask? “Why were you there John Sullivan?”

Anderson Cooper may have scored an interview with the guy who got a shooting inside the Capitol on tape - but in doing so he also inadvertently broadcast proof that Left-wing agitators had infiltrated the Trump protesters and were at the front of the breach into the Capitol.

You see John Sullivan is the founder of the extreme Left-wing activist group Insurgence USA. Sullivan is no stranger to violent protests. In fact Sullivan was arrested over the summer in Utah for being the lead organizer of a protest that left one person shot.

John Sullivan also retweeted an Antifa invitation saying “we need members to show up” in Washington DC to counter the Trump Rally on January 6.

“What happened at the US Capitol this week was completely unacceptable and should be condemned by both sides of the aisle,” said Carl DeMaio who connected the dots of Sullivan’s identity on his daily radio show. 

“We must demand a full and impartial investigation of everyone involved in the breach of the Capitol, with full disclosure of their identities and their political affiliations, and they should all be held accountable for their misconduct,” DeMaio continued. 

Click the link below to see John Sullivan's appearance with Anderson Cooper:

**Photo Credit: Getty Images