“They Want Their Babysitters Back”: CA School Board Caught Trashing Parents

Oakley Unified Elementary School Board members are under fire for comments they made about frustrated parents dealing with distance learning and continued school closures.

In Northern California, the Oakley Unified Elementary School District Board prepared for their monthly meeting on Wednesday and didn't realize the meeting was being streamed live online so the public could hear their comments about parents complaining that their students are still at home doing distance learning.

“They thought they were just talking to each other, “ Carl DeMaio stated. “Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for parents and taxpayers, we found out what’s really on their mind and how they feel about those who want their kids back in school,” DeMaio continued.

“They want to pick on us because they want their babysitters back,” Oakley Union Elementary School Board President Lisa Brizendine said on the recording. After Brizendine made that statement, you can hear several board members happily agree and then add their own inflammatory comments. 

An online petition has been launched calling for the board to resign.

Here is the entire board meeting video for you to hear and share: Oakley Union Elementary School Board Meeting

Click HERE to listen to Carl expose how these School Board members REALLY feel about the parents in their district.