Democrats Want Early Recall While Things Look Good for Newsom

Democrats are wanting the recall election to be held sooner rather than later because Governor Gavin Newsom is currently enjoying a huge budget surplus, extremely low Covid case rates, businesses and schools reopening, and (if you believe the polls) a steady approval rating.

Governor Newsom and other Democrat officials have been busy labeling the effort to remove him from office as a “Republican recall.” State Senator Steve Glazer recently wrote on Twitter that the best way to beat this “reckless recall” is to have an early election. 

“He has rebounded well with vaccines and budget,” Glazer wrote. “His biggest threats are the unknowns: virus variant, fires, school reopening. No reason to delay and give opposition any more running room,” he concluded.

Yesterday, the California labor unions representing workers in manufacturing, retail, grocery stores, hospitality, health care and other businesses announced their support of Gavin Newsom.

“The actions of the California Labor Federation shows what is most likely the reality - that Newsom is not taking this recall for granted,” DeMaio stated.

The union endorsement is aimed to show unity and support among organized labor for Governor Newsom. The union’s board of directors scheduled an emergency meeting this week to discuss a $1 million donation to Newsom, ahead of Richard Louis Brown taking office as president later this month.

“They wanted to make it quite clear that all government unions will stay united in support of their guy,” DeMaio stated. “If beating the recall is such a slam dunk, why the media narrative? If things are so good, there would not be a need to do such massive fundraising,” DeMaio concluded.

Listen to why Democrats need the recall election to happen sooner rather than later HERE.

**Photo Credit: Getty Images