The Case Against Kevin Faulconer

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer looks to secure the backing of the California Political Party in hopes that it will provide a path to victory in the recall: Why this is a bad idea.

As the field of gubernatorial candidates starts to get more and more crowded with some really good candidates, Kevin Faulconer looks to secure the endorsement of the Californian Republican Party by hiring the same political consultants who gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger, Meg Whitman, and all sorts of other uninspiring candidates.

“These consultants think that if they can get the party insiders behind him, that it will mean a path to victory,” Carl DeMaio stated. “Having a bunch of insiders from the Sacramento swamp try to force feed this grassroots movement a bad candidate is the path to destroying the recall,” DeMaio stated.

Faulconer has supported a number of issues that don’t line up with the Conservative values that are driving this recall. From the Green New Deal to tax hikes to a possible legal situation, Carl DeMaio laid out the case as to why Faulconer is wrong for California on his radio show. 

Click the link to look at the list of Faulconer’s failures and listen to Carl give the case against the former San Diego mayor HERE.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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