San Diego Democrat Chair Faces Ethics Inquiry Over Assault Allegations

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, plagued by allegations of financial impropriety over the years, now faces allegations of “sex without consent” from local Democratic activist

In a stunning post to her Facebook page on Thursday, Tasha Williamson, a local Democratic activist and former candidate for San Diego Mayor, said that San Diego County Democratic Party Chairman Will Rodriguez-Kennedy has been accused of misconduct.

The shocking post read: “The Chair of the San Diego Democratic Party needs to tell the Party about the allegations against him! Allegations of sex without consent are rape! Several men have been accused of this in the party and the party has failed to investigate, support and protect a victim in this incident.” (See Below)

In response to Williamson’s post, Lauren Bier, the co-chair of the Ethics Committee for the county Democratic party, issued a statement on Facebook late Thursday night saying the allegations would “be going to the committee’s formal process and will be investigated per our procedures.” (See Below)

Rodriguez-Kennedy is no stranger to controversy – having been accused of financial impropriety during his tenure as Chairman of the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans in 2012 as well as Chairman of the San Diego Democrats for Equality in 2018. Read more HERE (Rodriguez-Kennedy switched political parties in 2013.)

Will Rodriquez-Kennedy has not yet publicly commented on the allegations shared by Williamson and announcement of the investigation by Bier.

In a message shared by a member of the county’s central committee, Rodriguez-Kennedy says “I guess it doesn’t matter that I can prove my innocence but I look forward to process (sic) that allows me to get the truth out there. As for the restraining order situation it was dismissed but I guess that doesn’t matter either.”

The reference to a restraining order stems from a domestic violence restraining order filed against Rodriguez-Kennedy in 2012 (San Diego Superior Court, case number DV035859).

It should be noted and understood that allegations are not established facts – and there are numerous examples in politics of false allegations being made. Rodriguez-Kennedy deserves due process and the presumption of innocence from all.

The bigger question is: will the local Democratic party and associated Democratic elected officials properly and fully investigate the allegations and take appropriate action?

In recent years, sexual misconduct allegations have plagued both the San Diego county Democratic Party as well as the California Democratic Party – and serious concerns have been raised that party leaders have not properly handled them.

In 2019, San Diego Unified School Board Member Kevin Beiser was accused of sexual misconduct – and local party leaders were accused of having knowledge about the allegations and not acting. In April of 2019, the San Diego Unified School District Board voted unanimously (with Beiser absent) to demand Beiser resign from his position due to the allegations. Read more HERE

In 2018, former California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman resigned in disgrace after multiple sexual harassment allegations were lodged against him – and state party officials were accused of not properly handling the situation. Read more HERE

In 2012, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner resigned in disgrace after multiple sexual harassment and assault allegations against him – and local party leaders were accused of having knowledge about the allegations and not acting. Instead, they endorsed Filner. Read more HERE

There is no doubt that the allegations need to be fully and independently investigated in an open and transparent manner for the sake of all interested parties, including Rodriguez-Kennedy – but after all the recent scandals, it is the credibility of the local Democratic party that is on the line.

See Tasha Williamson's Facebook Post HERE.

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